The organic fabric,
crossing Indian tradition and Japanese nature

Ka ori is the originally developed fabric brand of Shimoda Kaori, used with the technic of natural dyeing and Indian traditional printed cotton "Sarasa" crossed by Japanese nature. She makes her own organic fabrics and products spending much time, as they have tastes of old fabrics, deep colours and tenderness for users.





Kaori Shimoda

In 2011, while wandering in India, she has accidentally visited AJRAKH studio of Indian traditional printed fabric "Sarasa", and has strongly attracted by its old-fashioned manufacturing method, colours rooted in nature and design concepts, and then she visited India again to learn the secret method of making Sarasa fabric. Currently, she lives in Mitsuyama, Nagasaki Japan, where rich natural environment remains, making her original fabrics, garments and accessories focusing with process of its manufacturing method of Sarasa fabric, particularly dyeing with the natural plants. Being committed to natural dyes comes from her strong feeling of reproducing fabrics with deep and tasty colours of old ones as antique fabrics, and also from feeling against the manufacturing process which makes creator ill. So that she has her motto as "Dyeing with bare hands and washing in natural river".

In order to meet the fabric living in Roman Sarasa

The printed fabric was born in Persia in the era of Indus Valley Civilization. AJRAKH Sarasa is strongly influenced by its background. Even though they haven't got enough materials, people in that era had taken so much time to make their own fabrics and garments for daily use. The fact that "fabrics were beautiful" which was not necessary to live everyday life directly, may have come from the "Roman" to live through in that era. To appreciate fabric itself may have lead the pride and joy to living for the people at that time. What dwells in the fabric is creator's energy and thought.

Kaori says… "as I learned making fabric in AJRAKH studio, I was taught one phrase, "Keep It Today". Taking time is a necessary condition of making strong and beautiful fabric. Gazing at the antique fabrics and immersing in the Roman, although it's surely beautiful and enjoying, taking over the designs and manufacturing methods with the wisdoms gathered by accident people have unlimited possibilities to breathe new life and Roman into fabrics. Looking forward to see the fabrics like that, I'm creating and making them facing the nature and fabrics everyday. "







828-2 Mitsuyama-machi, Nagasaki-city, Nagasaki, Japan

TEL: +8195-801-2950